Selected reviews and articles since 1981

John Lessore
  Illustrated Catalogue: Theo Waddington, 7.10.81 to 31.10.81
John Lessore
  Frances Spalding, Times Literary Supplement, 16.10.81
John Lessore
  John McEwen, Spectator, 17.10.81
John Lessore, Theo Waddington Gallery
  Oswell Blakeston, Arts Review, 23.10.81
  (illus. black & white)
  Catalogue: Summer Show 1, Serpentine Gallery, 1982
Farmer Cox’s recipes
  William Feaver, Observer, 7.8.83
Bull in a gallery window
  Terence Mullaly, Daily Telegraph, 8.8.83
  Galleries, 8.83
  (illus. black & white)
  Richard Morphet, “The Hard-Won Image, Traditional method and subject in recent
  British art”, Illustrated Catalogue, Tate Gallery, 4.7.84 to 9.9.84
John Lessore
  “The Proper Study”, Contemporary figurative paintings from Britain,
  Timothy Hyman, Illustrated Catalogue: Lalit Kala Akademi and tour,
  1.12.84 to 2.28.85
A Singular Vision, paintings of the figure by contemporary artists
  Illustrated Catalogue: Royal Albert Memorial Museum, Exeter
  and tour, 19.1.85 to 13.10.85
Bold decisive brushwork
  Terence Mullaly, Daily Telegraph, 27.2.85
  (illus. black & white)
The arduous art of being true to life
  Marina Vaizey, Sunday Times, 2.85
John Lessore, Recent Paintings
  Illustrated Catalogue: Stoppenbach and Delestre Ltd. 20.2.85 to 16.3.85
Rocks and Flesh, An argument for British Drawing,
  selected by Peter Fuller, Illustrated Catalogue: Norwich School of Art Gallery and tour,
  30.9.85 to 15.3.86
  Richard Morphet, Illustrated Catalogue: John Lessore -
  Working Drawings, Sternberg Centre for Judaism, 5.86
A brief appreciation,
  Agi Katz, Illustrated Catalogue: John Lessore - Working Drawings,
  Sternberg Centre for Judaism, 5.86
Seven British Artists, Figure and landscape,
  Illustrated Catalogue: Edward Totah Gallery, 1986
Artist’s Statement
  Illustrated Catalogue: “Past and Present”, South Bank
  Centre and tour, 1987-88
The Royal Academy Summer Exhibition
  William Feaver, Observer, 11.6.89
The Pursuit of the Real, British figurative painting from Sickert to Bacon
  Tim Wilcox, Illustrated Catalogue: Manchester City Art Galleries and tour,
  10.3.90 to 16.9.90
John Lessore
  An interview by James Hyman, “John Lessore Paintings 1985-90”,
  Illustrated Catalogue: Nigel Greenwood Gallery, 25.4.90 to 24.5.90
Images in the family way
  William Feaver, Observer, 6.5.90
  (illus. black & white)
Beef without complaint
  Giles Auty, Spectator, 12.5.90
  (illus. colour)
Critic’s Choice
  Giles Auty, Illustrated Catalogue: Beaux Arts, Bath, 21.9.91 to 12.10.91
Drawing on these shores, a view of British Drawing and its Affinities
  Glenn Sujo, Illustrated Catalogue: Harris Museum and Art Gallery,
  Preston, and tour; 27.11.93 to 31.7.94
The human figure at the heart
  Martin Gayford, Sunday Telegraph Review, 13.2.94
  (illus. colour)
Artist’s Statement
  John Lessore, Recent Paintings, Illustrated Catalogue,
  Theo Waddington & Robert Stoppenbach, 16.2.94 to 19.3.94
Back to basics
  Giles Auty, Spectator, 26.2.94
Stripped naked in Arcadia
  John McEwen, Sunday Telegraph Review, 27.2.94
Images melting softly into the foreground,
  William Feaver, Observer Review, 27.2.94
John Lessore, André Derain
  Simon Grant, Evening Standard, 4.3.94
Celebration of light and darkness
  James Hyman, Jewish Chronicle, 11.3.94
Figures in symphony
  David Cohen, R.A.Magazine, 3.94
  (illus. colour)
Simply the Best
  First Jerwood prize shortlist,
  John McEwen, Sunday Telegraph, 12.6.94
  (illus. colour)
The Wilkie Gift
  Paul Moorhouse, Tate Gallery Publication, 26.5.94 to 21.8.94
  (illus. colour)
Out of the Ivory Tower
  Martin Gayford, Modern Painters, Vol 7, No 3, autumn 94
Mother rules in the nursery
  John McEwen, Sunday Telegraph, 11.12.94
  (illus. colour)
Inaugural speech for the opening
  John Lessore Exhibition, Solomon Gallery,
  Dr John Cooney
Artist John Lessore and his wife Paule, talk to Dr John Cooney, at a reception in the Solomon Gallery, Powerscourt Townhouse Centre, to launch his first exhibition in Ireland
  Irish Press, 28.2.95
  (illus. black and white)
Tomorrow in the Irish Times: Paint in the blood
  Irish Times, 28.2.95
  (illus. black and white)
A painter’s painter
  Feature: “Brian Fallon meets John Lessore, a figurative but not a descriptive painter”,
  Irish Times, 1.3.95
Art Diary
  Con Power, Evening Press (Dublin), 3.3.95
  (illus. black and white)
Superb show from Lessore,
  Brian Fallon, Irish Times, “Reviews”, 3.3.95
Life is a painting matter
  Ciara Ferguson, Sunday Independent (Dublin), 5.3.95
Drawing from experience
  Aidan Dunne, Social and Personal, 3.95
  (illus. colour)
Ruben’s Landscapes
  John Lessore in conversation with Martin Gayford
  Modern Painters, Vol. 9, No. 4, Winter 96
John Lessore
  Martin Gayford, “ John Lessore, Recent Paintings”,
  Illustrated Catalogue: Theo Waddington Fine Art Ltd. 11.3.97 to 5.4.97
Cosi rinasce la figurazione. A ritmo di danze e party
  Gabriele Magnani, Arte, 4.97
  (illus. colour)
Incontri d’arte: John Lessore rinascimentale e moderno
  Gabriele Magnani, AD 5.97
  (illus. colour)
Globe House
  Glenn Sujo, Andersen Consulting publication to accompany the internal exhibition of the commissioned
  painting “Globe House” and associated drawings at Andersen Consulting, 10.97
  (illus. colour)
Corporate collecting
  Arts Review, 2.98
  (illus. black and white)
An absolute work of art
  Sarah Richardson, Evening Standard, 23.3.98
  Michael Peppiatt, 8.99, illustrated catalogue,
  Wolsey Art Gallery, Christchurch Mansion,
  Ipswich, Suffolk.
A new portrait of Jeremy Dixon and Edward Jones
  Gallery statement and Artist’s Statement,
  National Portrait Gallery, London, 9.99
Portrait is a site for sore eyes
  Martin Gayford, Daily Telegraph, 29.9.99
  (illus. black and white)
Architects had cause to remember their childhoods when they were painted by John Lessore
  The sitters’ tales, Edward Jones and Jeremy Dixon, 10.10.99
  (illus. colour)
Show which never fails to amaze
  Sonia Carvill, East Anglian Daily Times, 18.10.99
  (illus. black and white)
Images of a Lifetime
  Modern Painters,Vol 12, No 4, winter 99
  (illus. colour)
  Michael Peppiatt, 5.00 illustrated catalogue, “French Paintings”, Ranger’s House, Blackheath, London
Heritage works of art on show
  The Mercury (Lewisham Borough), 31.5.00
  (illus. colour)
Sulle ali della modernità
  Gabriele Magnani, AD, 6.00
  (illus. colour)
John Lessore’s French Paintings
  Exhibitions, Annalee Mather, Evening Standard, 9-15.6.00
Arte: Tipi da spiaggia
  Gabriele Magnani, AD, 7.00
  (illus. colour)
John Lessore: French Paintings
  Art, Richard Dorment, Sunday Telegraph, 6.7.00
John Lessore: French Paintings
  Art, Richard Dorment, Daily Telegraph, 8.7.00
Paints & Brushes First
  Virginia Boston Watson, interview, Artists & Illustrators, 8.00
  (illus. Colour)
Looking back in enchantment
  Rose Aidin, Evening Standard, 10.8.00
  (illus. Colour)
Around the galleries
  The Times, 16.8.00
Timeless appeal
  Martin Gayford, Spectator, 19.8.00
  (illus. colour)
Artists on art: John Lessore on the Le Nain Brothers’ Four Figures at a Table (1630-39)
  Interview by Martin Gayford, Daily Telegraph, 28.10.00
  (illus. colour)
The School of London and Their Friends
  The collection of Elaine and Melvin Merians. Patrick McCaughey 9.00
  (illus. colour)
Arte: Mediterraneo
  Gabriele Magnani, AD, 6.01
  (illus. colour)
London Paintings
  Catalogue introduction Denys J Wilcox, 4.02
Critics’ choice, Art
  John McEwen, Sunday Telegraph, 2.6.02
  Martin Gayford, Spectator, 6.6.02
Art of the community
  Cedric Porter, South London Press, 7.6.02
  (illus. colour)
Per le strade della città
  Gabriele Magnani, AD, 6.02
  (illus. colour)
Arte: Ballando, ballando
  Gabriele Magnani, AD 10.02
  (illus. colour)
First Choice
  The Times, 17.6.04
  Time Out, 30.6.04
Olympic and Paralympic coverage film shown alternate days in Trafalgar Square, London, throughout period of games
In Touch
  Radio 4, 6.7.04
Olympian Art
  GALLERIES, London 7.04
Going for Gold
  Tracey Murkett, Artists and Illustrators, 3.9.04 (October issue)
  (illus. colour)
In calendario
  Six British Paralympic Athletes AD 10.04
  (illus. colour)
George Rowlett in Conversation with John Lessore
  Interview for George Rowlett Exhibition, Artspace Gallery, London 3.05
A certain something
  Martin Gayford Spectator, 21.5.05
John Lessore paintings
  Bill Gregory, Seal Rocks NSW (Australia) (and quotes from other writers) 8.05
  (illus. colour)
In The Frame
  Erin O’Dwyer Telegraph, (Sydney, Australia) Sunday version, 2.10.5
  (illus. black and white)
Art interaction
  Inner Western Courier (Australia), 2.10.05
  (illus. colour)
Dungeons and dreamscapes
  John McDonald, Spectrum – Visual art, The Sydney Morning Herald, (Australia), 29-30.10.05
  (illus. colour)
The Lynn Painter-Stainers’ Prize – 2006
  PHOENIX The Magazine of the Worshipful Company of Painters otherwise Painter-Stainers, 12.06
  (illus. colour)
News...Prize-Winning Stains
  The Jackdaw, 2.07
  (illus. black and white)
In London
  Conversation with Michael Peppiatt, 1.13 illustrated catalogue, “In London”, Kings Place Gallery, London and University Gallery Newcastle
  (illus. colour)